Flood Control Engineering

Flood Control


The GCW drainage approach involves researching and compiling previous drainage studies to understand offsite conditions impacting a project, performing detailed hydrologic and hydraulic analyses to determine 10-year and 100-year storm flows and to provide grading, swales, channels, drop inlets; and storm drain to convey flows through a site and to protect proposed buildings, designing appropriate best management practices (BMPs) to treat parking lot surface runoff, and preparing a Technical Drainage Study for entity approval. We work closely with public agencies from project kick-off through the TDS review to streamline the drainage approval process. Additionally, GCW will coordinate with entities such as Clark County Regional Flood Control District, the Nevada Department of Transportation, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the United States Army Corps of Engineers when projects are located adjacent to these entities’ facilities, jurisdiction, and right-of-way. GCW understands how critical the drainage process is to the overall project schedule and we work diligently to meet our Client’s goals.

Our services include the following:

  • Feasibility Studies Preliminary Facility Sizing
  • Hydraulic and Hydrology Studies Technical
  • Drainage Studies Flood Zone Determination
  • Channel and Storm Drain Alternative
  • Analyses Best Management Practices (BMPs)
  • Environmental Permitting Cost Estimating