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Transportation Engineering & Planning

GCW has performed traffic planning and design work that has contributed to the success of numerous local private sector projects.

GCW staff includes three certified Professional Traffic Operations Engineers (PTOEs), and has over 50 years of combined local traffic planning and design expertise. This experience facilitates early identification of transportation-related site development issues, as well as effective resolutions. GCW staff have also developed effective working relationships with key agency staff that are critical to early identification and resolution of issues. We have unparalleled familiarity with local standards, permitting requirements design practices.

Our services include the following:

  • Traffic Impact Analyses that are sensitive to off-site impacts and potential off-site mitigation and participation costs of various agencies.
  • Access management reviews including successful waiver applications to secure critical driveway approvals.
  • On-Site circulation review including innovative solutions to solve circulation capacity and queuing problems.
  • Traffic signal coordination analyses to secure approval of signalized driveway access.
    Service access reviews including turn path analyses to ensure adequate truck access and circulation.
  • Traffic mitigation analysis