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GCW, Inc. (GCW) is a leader in providing engineering and survey services for Commercial, Industrial and Retail projects in Southern Nevada. GCW has successfully completed projects having a variety of uses and sizes. GCW believes the success of any project is largely dependent on the qualifications and experience. Our staff possesses a wide range of accreditations and certifications.

Incorporated in 1969, the firm has developed a reputation as an organization of dedicated people who are sensitive to the needs of clients and who achieve the results clients expect through high levels of competency and commitment. For over 50 years, GCW has developed extensive technical expertise, as well as differentiated itself in a highly competitive marketplace by expanding its resources in emerging technologies and combining those capabilities with a solid understanding of its clients’ businesses. We offer comprehensive consulting services to public and private clients facing the challenges of new and aging infrastructure, sustainability and smart growth, program funding, and limited staff. GCW has the expertise to undertake challenging, time-sensitive infrastructure projects while responding to the critical need for sustainability.

We have assembled a dedicated team with related expertise and strong relationships to provide a full-range of services to meet all your engineering and survey needs. Services we provide include on-site civil, flood control, transportation, water/wastewater, structural and agency processing. Additionally, GCW offers land surveying and construction staking services. GCW understands your need for an efficient and comprehensive team and is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Our company, comprised of over 100 professionals, is capable of independent engineering judgments and decisions; and experienced in the necessary coordination between private and public sectors for a successful project completion.

Effective project management requires the ability to commit qualified personnel. We bring experienced project managers that truly understand their role and will effectively manage and coordinate your projects. These project managers have a long history working with all local agencies and have the demonstrated ability to tailor an approach and methodology to meet your project needs. We have the knowledge of and experience to deliver quality projects on schedule, within budget, and with an expeditious approval process. During the due diligence phases, the relationships we have fostered allow us to quickly obtain information such as existing utility information, as-builts, and agreements. We strive to be proactive and not reactive providing design options that facilitate efficient design process and construction.

We are committed to delivering a successful project and fully serve our clients’ best interest. We believe in developing a team atmosphere with our clients’ that result in our client’s success. GCW provides our clients with local knowledge, proven reliability, and extensive experience.

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